We believe that all children should have the opportunity to succeed in life and live up to their full potential.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County was founded in 1958 and is one of the national organization’s top mentoring agencies in the country, serving more than 3,300 children each year.

Our Purpose: For every child to have the opportunity to succeed in life and live up to their full potential.

Our Mission: To provide strong and enduring, one-to-one, professionally supported mentoring relationships for every child who needs and wants one.

Our Vision: To change the life of a child for the better, forever.


0 %

Graduate from High School

0 %

Enroll in College

0 %

More Likely to Obtain a Bachelors Degree

Better attitude towards school 83%
Improved academic performance 71%
Higher self-esteem 89%


0 %

of Littles have been exposed to abuse, violence or neglect

0 %

of Littles parents did not begin high school

0 %

of Littles have had an incarcerated parent

0 %

of Littles come from single-parent households

Children from single-parent households make up…

high school dropouts 71%
runaways 90%
teen suicides 63%
juvenile court cases 90%

Teen girls from single parent households are 30% more likely to become pregnant


Melissa Beck

Chief Executive Officer

Sloane Keane

Chief Development Officer

Jessica Romley

Vice President of Operations

Chelsea Cavigli

Director of Human Capital

Hazel Gonzales

Director of Programs

Megan Hartman

Director of Grants

Allison Hata

Director of Marketing and Communications

Laurie Peterson

Director of Finance & Accounting

Jennifer O’Farrell

Executive Director, Inland Empire


Executive Board

Doug Antone – Board Chair
Todd Pickup – Vice Chair
Cary Hyden – Secretary
Erin Boyl – Treasurer
Patty Arvielo
Rudy Baldoni
Steve Borowski
Tim Crosson
Peter Desforges
Paul Fruchbom
Elliot Gordon
Navin Narang
Caroline Siefert-Sabo
Gus Theisen
Gary Wilson
Henry Walker

Governing Board

Pam Adams
Todd Anderson
Tim Andrews
Ellen Bancroft
Kurt Belcher
Steve Blanc
Carrie Block
Dale Camera
Brad Coleman
Brian Davis
Tom Duddy
Nori Ebersole
Chris Flick
Mike Fox
Rob Friedman

Steve Holley
Chris Ivey
Scharrell Jackson
Ed Lieskovan
Tracy Miller-Weiner
Dave Moellenhoff
Scott Nelson
Chris Reedy
Thomas Reyes
Mark Rutherford
Tim Ryan
Marilyn Stemper
Brian Stevens
Matt Stowe
Jeff Swindell
Kim Thompson


Kunal Hundja
ARQ Wireless
David Deweese
Cox Communications & Michael Denzinger
US Bancorp


At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we’re always looking for talented, dedicated people who believe in the power of role models to change the life of a child for the better, forever.

We are committed to a diverse workforce with representation from every walk of life. We recognize how our organization is greatly enhanced when we unite people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Job applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to careers@ocbigs.org.




Destination Future Career Specialist — click here for job description
Posted Dec. 6, 2017



Please send resumes and cover letters to careers@ocbigs.org; no phone calls please. Qualified applicants will be contacted shortly.


If you are asked to come in for an interview, please complete this job application in advance and bring it in-person to the Big Brothers Big Sisters office at the time of your interview—do NOT submit the application via email. Big Brothers Big Sisters is not responsible for sensitive material in this application if it is sent via email (including but not limited to social security numbers and contact information).


It’s your money that keeps us going and enables us to start more kids on the right path. So you have every right to know how it is used. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County & the Inland Empire is a 501c3 (tax exempt) organization.

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