High School Bigs: You’ve Got Mail

High School Bigs: You’ve Got Mail

High School Bigs: You’ve Got Mail

The start of summer is often a bittersweet moment for students in the High School Bigs program. Matches meet on a weekly basis during the academic year, and have one opportunity to see each other outside of the classroom during summer break at the annual summer picnic.

Over the summer, students look forward to a handwritten letter that arrives in their mailbox.

Each year, High School Bigs and Littles write notes to one another, which are then mailed out by program specialists a few weeks before class is back in session. For graduating matches, these letters can serve as a final memory of their time together.


Read the pair of letters Big Sister Vivian and her Little Sister, Leslie, wrote below.


Hello Vivian I miss you and I’m pretty sad that I won’t get to see you again hopefully we see each other sooner or later. I hope you are having fun this summer I am just playing my PS4. On the last day of school I rented a water jumper and made a party for 6th grade only!! Anyways hope you’re having a great summer good luck for your college years. I will always remember our good times together (which if you want to know it always was.) Hope you remember them too.

With love, your Little



Hey Leslie!!

Wowowow it’s already summer!! I hope you’ve had a fun time so far, before you move on to your next chapter in life (aka middle school) Thanks for making my final year in BBBS a fun and amazing one! Over the 6ish months we’ve been together I’ve gotten to watch you grow as a person, and improve greatly in your school work. Right now, I’m probably laying around, watching YouTube (my faave thing to do) lol. In a couple weeks, I’ll be starting at a new school too, and moving to San Diego, which I’m excited and a lil nervous for. I hope you’re excited for middle school too! It’ll probably be awkward at times…cuz everyone is going through their sassy preteen stage, but it will be really fun since you will get to meet new peeps. It also be hard at times, because the heavier workload and school drama, but in the end, I’m sure you will push through it with no problem. This letter is getting a bit long imma wrap it up LOL. I hope you have an amazing rest of summer, and I wish you the best for the future!! Oh…and thank you sooo much again for making my senior year so special.



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