New Match: Piero, Rachel and Oswaldo

New Match: Piero, Rachel and Oswaldo

New Match: Piero, Rachel and Oswaldo

Oswaldo’s dad was thrilled when he discovered Big Brothers Big Sisters. Although he ensures his kids grow up in a loving home, he does not have the means to take them out and expose them to different experiences.

A mentor would help 9-year-old Oswaldo break out of his shy shell and try things he’s never done before.

Oswaldo enjoys going to school and playing outdoors. While he loves to do simple things like get ice cream or go to the park, Oswaldo would also love to experience Sky Zone Trampoline Park for the first time. Piero and Rachel are engaged and love volunteering in the community. The Big Couple program was the perfect way for them to make an impact together. They both grew up in dual parent households and understand the importance of having a positive adult role model to look up to.

They were matched with Oswaldo in September.

Oswaldo shared he wants to be a pro soccer player one day. As a former pro soccer player and youth coach, Piero knows he can help inspire Oswaldo to follow his dreams. His fiance, Rachel, loves spending time with kids and already has a few exciting outing ideas in mind.

Regardless of what they do or where they go, these three are bound to have a great time!


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